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우리의 파트너십
Experience and skill
Tour Coach's IT technicians provide a direct-to-consumer platform that plans travel tailored to consumers' tastes and creates value for travelers based on high technology.
Easy product registration and management
You can easily register the special travel products you want to know about anytime, anywhere and manage your reservation status. The tour coach's staff is doing their best to make it easier for you to manage your products.
Unified communication system
Experience the high-level sales system of Tour Coach that allows you to conveniently register your products anytime, anywhere, receive reservations, and manage directly from reservation to confirmation.
Free marketing opportunities
Tour Coach's marketing experts are waiting for partners to create a vision together. Seize the opportunity to promote your products and increase revenue today.
Partner registration process
Partner cooperation
Anyone with a business registration certificate in the service industry related to travel, such as travel agencies, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and restaurants, can register as a partner.
Product registration
You can directly register and manage services such as travel products, tickets, admission tickets, and activities. Please share your wonderful service with many people.
Selling and booking products
When a product is registered, the Tour coach's expert team reviews it, and then the sale proceeds. Your profits are maximized through a convenient integrated system that directly manages reservations, confirmations, and profits.
Partner registration
Are you ready? Let's make a dream with us
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